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I finished my Disneyland half marathon costume in 3 hours. God bless…

But on to the next costume. Fuck.


Sexy Bomb - Yamazaki Sousuke - dedicated to minji-chan!

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Launched last month, Wafrica — Africa plus wa for Japan — has unveiled a range of kimono handcrafted in an array of African cotton fabrics that would seem to be a million miles from the subtle silks more commonly associated with traditional Japanese dress. Yet despite the orange comets and flashes of lightning tearing across a moss-green background, and the tribal swirls in colors that recall the sun-drenched African soil, the prints blend seamlessly into the kimono form before they surprise Japanese shoppers with their foreign origin.

The cultural cocktail is the brainchild of Serge Mouangue, a Tokyo-based concept- car designer for Nissan, who joined forces with Kururi, a Tokyo-based kimono- maker, to produce the traditional Japanese attire in 18 African prints sourced in markets from Nigeria to Senegal.


Serge Mouange introduces the WAfrica concept and kimono (Fashion show)

Le kimono Africain: Serge Mouangue TED talks

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Alvin: Demon Fang!
Gaius: Demon Fang!
Alvin: Oh man, that killed my confidence.
Gaius: No matter. It’s not how you wield it, but the size of your blade.
Alvin: Maybe we should… Stop comparing…

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Anonymous said: dick should have a cover like nicki minaj's Anaconda album cover. Just putting the idea out there. 8D



the confliction of wanting to reblog nice art but it is unsourced 



Here’s another Smash roster.