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Can’t stop, won’t stop with the Yang spam lol 

Yang: Mee-Shell Ma Belle Cosplay
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the reason why i like tales games so much is because the antagonists of the games are really interesting.

like their purpose to being evil is the twisted version of why the protagonist is trying to stop them. Like. Symphonia the antagonist was a 12 year old boy who wanted to restore peace in the world all while bringing his sister back to life. Weird, but in the plot you truly begin to pity him because all you see about this kid is that he really misses his sister. and you see this similar quality in the sequel.

Or in xillia where the antagonist is solely doing his form of justice for his people/country.

Idk these games are so dope and i feel like due to the lack of marketing in the US, they arent too well received or acknowledged even tho its the 3rd biggest JRPG franchise in japan.

play tales games guys. and talk 2 me. /TALK TALES 2 ME/ *trumpets play in the back*

Tales of Characteristic Genre Names

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My thirst also goes for matoki the arcade guy as well.

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I told myself not to fall in love with tuxedo mask when sailor moon crystal came out

But nope. Nope. The thirst is still there.


さらば だ.   After A Long Day.